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Pistonesi has been producing buttresses and tips for menís, womenís and childís shoes for over 40 years. The production, in the early 80s was performed manually, has evolved over time with the introduction of techniques and innovative machinery. Pistonesi has treasured the acquired experience to grow steadily, with the same passion and the same care as its beginning.
In a world that moves fast, it is important to be fast. The efficiency of the production and logistic departments enable us to make deliveries throughout the national territory in less than 36 hours with the utmost punctuality, directly with our means or with the collaboration of qualified companies for long distances.


Those who choose Pistonesi want the best for their footwear. This philosophy moves our work and animates all our employees in Product Development.
Only a perfectly shaped buttress allows to obtain a perfectly shaped shoe. For this reason our modelling department is a real reference point for designers and producers in the footwear industry.
The use of high-tech instrumentation and assisted by CAD-CAM systems allows a production of the highest quality with maximum savings by optimizing work times and procedures.
Automated departments work alongside the production of 100% natural leather which is still hand-made, for the highest level footwear.


Pistonesi not only is made in Italy but is a sign of attention to detail thanks to an accurate processing and the use of materials of highest quality like leather, bonded leather (salpa) and fabric.
Each shoe has its own peculiarities and for each of them we use the material that better meets the design requirements. Whether it is a hand-made shoe, a large-scale production, 100% natural and environmentally friendly, footwear for the medical field, anti-accident shoes and water-repellent, for each of them we choose and use the perfect material for make them comfortable and resistant in the time and study the thickness and texture which are best to have the correct elasticity and strength.








Leather is one of the oldest materials used by man for the production of clothing and accessories. It has very good malleability features, excellent wear resistance and is well known for its hygienic features that make it particularly suitable to be in contact with the skin, so as to be used for the production of footwear and footwear components.
It is a protein organic material, consisting primarily of collagen, which is obtained from the processing of animal skins. Its use allows to exploit a part considered waste in the food chain so as to make it a sustainable material and therefore ideal for those who want an eco-friendly shoe that does not use environmental resources.
The leather buttress, usually employed to produce entirely hand-made shoes, or orthopedic shoes, is also made to ensure the absolute quality that the processing with machines would not allow because of its irregularities.


Bonded leather, also called Salpa, comes from the recycling of vegetable leather trimmings, from leather and natural latex scraps. It is therefore a recycling product with a low environmental impact.
This mixture generates sheets of various thicknesses that can be rough or colored on one or both sides and which can be coupled with canvas to increase the resistance and the bearing capacity of the buttress.
The Salpa buttress is chosen by customers who want to follow a classic header line for years now on all types of footwear with excellent quality results combined with a low cost.


Fabric buttresses and tips are quick and easy to apply to the shoe reducing time and simplifying the assembly methods.
The availability on the market many types of fabric in different thicknesses can meet any customer need: materials with high elasticity are suitable for men's, womenís and childrenís shoes while stiffer fabrics are ideal for safety shoes, sports and military shoes.
Technological innovation in the thermoplastic materials and adhesives industry can achieve top performance and blends, ensuring excellent grip with both leathers with synthetic uppers and bring on the market products with unbeatable features. For example, it is possible to produce buttresses and tips with fully waterproof fabrics for amphibious footwear or 100% biodegradable eco-friendly footwear.

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