Contact us at, at the number 0734/605229 or using the appropriate form, telling us the following information:

  1. type of footwear for which the buttress or toe is required (work footwear, classic footwear, luxury footwear, etc.). You can do it in 3 ways:
    • if you already have the sample model in dxf format, you can send it to us via email
    • you can indicate the height and length of the buttress or tip already in your possession
    • you can send us the upper and the shape of the shoe by courier, which will then be returned to you along with the sample (to create a sample as precise as possible, we recommend this solution)
  2. type of buttress or tip (flat or shaped)
  3. material in which the product must be made (fabric, leather, salpa, thunit) and its thickness
  4. amount of goods needed

We will use this information to create your FREE sample and to provide you with a personalized quote quickly.