Counters and tips for classic, safety and sports footwear

Those who choose Pistonesi want the best for their shoes.

Pistonesi produces counters and tips in leather, bonded leather and fabric for classic shoes, safety and sports footwear.

The internal modelling department, thanks to high-tech instrumentation, assisted by cad-cam systems, allows our experts to respond to all the requests of designers and manufacturers in the footwear industry.

The automated departments are flanked by the production of 100% natural leather, which is still made strictly by hand today and is intended for footwear of the highest quality.

Made in Italy

Raw materials of 100% Italian quality and craftsmanship: this is the heart of our products.


All stages of product development are developed through continuous dialogue with our customers.

Free samples

The best way to test the quality of our counters and tips? Touch it with your hand.


Do you need small quantities or an assortment of different products? Just ask!

Fast delivery

We can deliver the goods throughout Europe in just two working days.

The lines of counters and tips signed Pistonesi

Thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years of production, Pistonesi has reached a very high quality in the production of counters and tips. The Classic, Safety and Luxury lines, dedicated respectively to classic shoes, safety footwear and luxury models, are made with innovative techniques and machinery.

Only a perfectly shaped counter allows you to have a perfectly shaped shoe. All our work always starts from this belief.




The new counters and tips for green and sports footwear

The desire to always improve our work and to be updated on all the news that concern the sector, has led us in recent years to study new projects for the construction of counters and tips.

From this commitment two new production departments were born: the green one dedicated to the production of organic and vegan counters and tips and the sports one, instead, dedicated to counters and tips for riding, hunting and fishing boots, trekking shoes and ski boots.

Pistonesi linea green


The line dedicated to the environment; includes totally biodegradable or animal free counters and tips.



Pistonesi linea sport


This line is dedicated to the realization of counters and tips for footwear that must guarantee an adequate freedom of movement, while always maintaining the right solidity.





Pistonesi for the environment

Clean energy is the heart of our production. For some years now, we have been committed to purchasing only certified energy for the construction of the counters and tips of our lines. We are “the strong soul of footwear”. A green soul!

Pistonesi per l'ambiente

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