Biodegradable counters and tips: the Biodegradable Line designed to respect the environment

For several years Pistonesi has been dedicated to the formulation and testing of new lines of biodegradable and recyclable counters and tips, obtained using raw materials from renewable sources.

In recent years the awareness of the importance of biodegradability has been growing. Alongside a greater awareness of recycling, reuse and recovery of materials, there is a need to limit the exploitation of resources and the production of waste.

Biodegradation plays an essential role in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet and its individual ecosystems.

The features of the Biodegradable Line

But what does it mean to produce biodegradable counters and tips?

According to the European standard UNI EN 13432-2002, a product, in order to be defined as biodegradable, must reach 90% conversion into simple substances within six months.

Biodegradable materials, in particular, are defined as such when they end up dissolving in the chemical elements that compose them thanks to the action of biological agents such as bacteria, plants, animals and other physical components including the sun and water, under natural environmental conditions. In doing so, these biodegradable substances are transformed into nutrients for the soil, carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

The Pistonesi biodegradable counters and tips are designed to combine these biodegradable properties with the characteristics of the best buttress materials such as durability, comfort and shape retention.