Hunting and fishing: the line of tips and counters dedicated to hunting and fishing boots

Impervious soils, adverse climate and temperatures often difficult to manage are the order of the day for those who practice hunting and fishing.

That is why footwear for these sporting activities must:

  • be able to tackle different types of terrain (snow-covered/ice soil, marshy, muddy or wooded terrain)
  • have the right grip on the ground
  • be comfortable enough for long walks
  • be impermeable to water and protect from mud while keeping the foot and leg dry.

This awareness is the origin of the counters and tips of the Hunting and Fishing Line.

Counters and tips for hunting and fishing boots

The counters and tips of the Hunting and Fishing Line make it possible to create shoes that do not wear out the plantar arch, but are resistant to the point of always keeping the shoe “in shape”.

The Pistonesi counters and tips are designed in such a way as to keep the shoe “in shape” at all times:

  • guarantee reinforcement and robustness in the critical points of the boot
  • increase the cushioning capacity of the sole, which must be sufficiently rigid to provide foot and ankle support, multi-layered to cushion the weight, but above all with excellent grip to allow you to walk on extremely slippery surfaces
  • ensuring a comfortable fit
Water resistance

Water resistance

The counters and tips of the Hunting and Fishing line are totally waterproof. They therefore allow to protect the foot from water and humidity, leaving it always dry, even in the most critical climatic conditions.



The Pistonesi counters and tips for hunting and fishing shoes are made of sturdy and non-deformable material. The shoe, therefore, tends to keep its shape intact over time, while ensuring a soft and pleasant fit.