Counters and tips for riding boots

Functionality, support and style: if we wanted to describe the main features of riding boots, these are the adjectives we would choose.

Among these, the support is definitely the main quality. The boots to ride a horse, in fact, must:

  • fit comfortably
  • protect foot and ankle

The task of ensuring this function, among other things, lies with the horse-riding counters and tips making up the shoe structure.

Counters and tips for horse riding: the features of Pistonesi products

In order to make the best riding counters and tips Pistonesi has spent months of study on the product and the characteristics it must have in order to guarantee quality performance at all times.

This research has merged into the new Riding Line.

The line includes handmade counters and tips, entirely in leather. In fact, studies have shown that leather is the most suitable material to meet the needs of all types of riding shoes, whether they are stable shoes to be worn in stables; competition boots for equestrian events, dressage, jumping and riding competitions; or boots for daily outings.

Leather, in fact, is a hygienic and very practical product: it resists wear and tear, is waterproof but, at the same time, lets air and sweat breathe.