Our company

For 40 years Pistonesi has been producing counters and tips for men’s, women’s and children’s footwear.
The processes, which in the early ’80s were carried out manually, have evolved with the introduction of innovative techniques and machinery.
Pistonesi has made use of the experience gained to grow constantly, but always with the same passion and care of the beginning.
The research on the product has allowed us to develop a world of ad hoc solutions in which the priority is to achieve the best for our customers by establishing a relationship of maximum trust and cooperation, from sampling to delivery.

Why this electronic card? Because for us it is not just a component of one of our machines. It’s much more than that. This card represents the beginning of all our activity. It is thanks to it, and to the machine to which it belonged, that 40 years ago we started the production of Pistonesi counters and tips. And from there we never stopped…
In a world that goes fast, it’s important to be fast.
Today, the efficiency of our production and logistics departments allows us to produce our own counters and tips and to ship them all over the country in less than 36 hours with the utmost attention to punctuality.

Craftsmanship and made in Italy

We have always been attentive to the quality of all our products.
The counters and tips we produce are 100% made in Italy. What does this mean? It means that all the raw materials we use are accurately certified.
The suppliers we select comply with all the requirements of the European REACH regulation: they undertake to supply us with raw materials in line with the requirements laid down in the European Union regulation on the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemical substances.


All our counters and tips are the result of direct comparison with the customer. All products are parameterized on the actual requirements of large and small companies and are therefore constantly evolving. Not only that: we have an internal contact within the company that is able to compare with the customer to find the right solution for every need.

Free samples

We believe that the best way to tell the quality of our tips and counters is to “touch them”. For this reason we have a large number of samples available for each of our lines (classic, luxury, safety) that we can supply FREE of charge to customers who request it.


We have a production system that allows us to make a product of the highest quality even with orders of a few pairs. In this way our customers have the opportunity to request small quantities or an assortment of different items.

Fast delivery

Not only production but also fast delivery. We are structured in such a way as to ensure the delivery of goods throughout Europe with only two working days (depending on the quantities ordered).